Monday, December 2, 2013

2014 Calendar of Events

Date: January 25

Topic: Writing Emotionally Authentic Characters

Speaker: Katie McGarry

Description: Katie McGarry is the author of Young Adult novels Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, and Crash Into You. In this presentation she'll show writers how to dig deep into the characters in order to write scenes that will make your readers laugh and cry.

Date:  February
Topic: Refine Your Work for Publication

Speaker: Susan Lindsey

Description:  Susan Lindsey of Savvy Communication has twenty years of experience in writing, editing, and media relations. She is the director of Women Who Write and a member of the Talking Story writers' group, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Editorial Freelancers Association. Find out more about Susan and Savvy Communication at

Date: March 22

Topic: Freud Knows Romance

Speaker: Sandy James: Sandy is an award-winning author writing in multiple genres, including contemporary romance for Grand Central Forever. She also teaches psychology, and has presented her fun, fascinating workshops on psychology and characterization at National RWA conferences.

Description: This workshop empowers participants with some basic psychological principles that will give them tools to use in their characterizations. The workshop includes theories on motivation, explanations of emotion, and discussions of personality formation. Sigmund Freud’s defense mechanisms are a “must know” for writers. Without a grasp of concepts such as rationalization, sublimation, and projection, authors miss some fantastic opportunities to make their heroes and heroines consistent and endearing.

Date: April 26

Topic: Story Lab: Dissecting a Novel for Fun and (Educational) Profit

Speaker: Group Discussion--come with your questions and hot topics!

Description:Courtney Milan’s novella The Governess Affair is on the LRW operating table--we’re going to cut it open, poke around its innards, and figure out what gave it life (or what caused it to die on the table, if it turns out to be not your thing). Story structure, world building, character arc--whether you love our patient or not, dissecting it will provide craft lessons you can take back to your own writing. Please read Milan’s novella prior to the meeting. LRW will buy each interested member a copy!

Date:  May 24




Date: June 28

Topic: Meditation for Writers: Banish the Inner Critic, Access Your Creativity, Heighten Your Focus

Speaker: John Shealy, PhD

Description: “Writer” is just one of the roles we take on, and when you’ve been in work or family mode, it can be challenging to transition to mindset for creativity. Or maybe you’re harassed by an unhelpful inner critic when you try to write. As science discovers more and more benefits to prayer and meditation, it’s only smart to consider how a moment of stillness could reinvigorate your writing life. Psychotherapist, life coach, and yoga and meditation teacher Dr. John Shealy uses mindfulness and an integrated view of spirituality and psychology to help people reach their goals and manage stress and anxiety.

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