Friday, May 2, 2014

May Meeting

May 2014 Education Program

Ergonomics — and More! — for Writers: How Caring for Your Body Will Make You a Better (and More Comfortable) Writer

Nathan Lynch, a licensed Physical Therapist with twelve years of experience, will address issues commonly encountered by writers. He will provide guidelines for creating a workspace that can avoid or ameliorate such problems as neck and back pain or repetitive motion injuries. Additionally, he will suggest stretches or other activities to keep writers healthy and physically able while engaged in an essentially sedentary vocation.

A graduate of Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, Nathan has five years of experience focused on the shoulder, the most complex joint in the body. He has complemented his education with specialized training and certification which qualify him to administer functional capacity examinations (i.e., for determination of workman’s compensation or social security disability). This training also provides for evaluating ergonomics in the workplace. In addition, he has earned the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (think personal trainer), which approaches fitness from a healthy, rather than injured, perspective. Last, he brings the extremely specialized experience of a close relationship with a writer, so he has personally observed many of the bad practices he will address.

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